Scientific schools IMW

Materials Science of Refractory Compounds and Composites

Head Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Loboda P.I.

The object of research is the synthesis of large single crystals, reinforced ceramic and metal-ceramic composites obtained from powders of refractory compounds, which by hardness (40 GPa), strength (5 GPa), wear resistance and operating temperature (2000°C) prevail over the classes of tool materials created over the centuries.

Physics and Technology of Metallic Nanomaterials

Head Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Sydorenko S.I.

The object of research – diffusion formation of structure and properties of nanoscale metallic materials under the influence of low- and high-energy effects of various nature.

Foundry Technologies

Head Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Yamshynskyi M.M.

The object of research – advanced resource-saving technologies for the obtaining of cast products from various alloys by traditional and special casting methods, theories of castings crystallization, creation of environmentally friendly molding materials and mixtures, simulations of foundry processes, development of art casting technologies.

Physicochemical and Thermo-Deformation Bases of Welding and Related Processes

Head Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Kvasnytskyi V.V.

The object of research is physicochemical and thermo-deformation processes, their influence on the structure and properties of products and structures during welding and using additive technologies of layer-by-layer synthesis of products, spraying, surfacing and modification of surface layers of materials using arc, highly concentrated and hybrid heating sources.

Processes and Equipment of Physical and Technical Processing of Materials by Highly Concentrated Energy Sources

Head Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Aniakin M.I.

The object of research – high-performance technological processes and equipment for their implementation, which use highly concentrated energy sources as a tool – focused laser radiation, electric discharge, plasma, ultrasonic vibrations and their combinations.

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